You have got to Move On

by Miguel Hidalgo

Candace Owens is Pro-Trump activitist. As an American conservative commentator, she has stirred enough news to attract the interest of multi-talented Kanye West. Known for her criticism of Black Lives Matter and those still suffering from oppression, she loves to attack the Democratic Party on a mission to convert voters to the Republican Party.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she could convert more people over to vote for Pro-Trump candidates and re-elect the President in 2020?

They are taking stabs at pop culture that they don’t understand.

Notwithstanding, measuring the final results will be determined by Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Betsy Devos, Secretary of Education. In stronger tones, improve the inner cities and rural communities throughout the United States. That would be the ultimate dream. Turn it into reality!

It is poignant but concise about the need for change. Have a positive outlook on life for our families – present and future generations.

How arrogant. They take stabs at pop culture that they don’t understand. That is why they fail.


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