Russian Collusion Hoax of the Century to be Exposed

credit to Sky News Australia

The Investigation contains Dynamite

John Durham is investigating the Russian collusion claims. Popular figureheads are being exposed for what they truly are – SWAMP RATS. Criminal indictments are on the horizon.

Imagine. No! Get real – Getting your news from the foreign press is America’s new groundswell of knowledge. Thank you, Sky News Australia.

Sing-A-Long Time!

Roll Out the Barrel, we’re gonna have a barrel of FUN! (switch to higher pitch) ==> Flip Out the Finger, we’ve got the Demon Rats on the Run! Zing, BOOM, TARARREL! The Swamp is still here. Independent fact-checker Peddler Merchants like Fakebook and Twitter, the lying gangs are still here. Take back Pulitzer prizes, let’s hear Lotsa rumbling on the Congressional Floor. You betcha! They are all still here. ~~~ GET OUT

‘Many’ More Durham Indictments Likely in Connection to Steele Dossier: Former Director of National Intelligence – Jack Phillips |The Epoch Times

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