Lynne Patton On Working For Donald Trump and HUD Dr. Ben Carson

What are the experiences of Lynne Patton working as a high profile black woman working in the Trump administration?

“Why did Lynne Patton, the Trump Administration’s New York and New Jersey Chief for Housing and Urban Development, HUD, take the job? And what are her experiences of being a high profile black woman working in the Trump administration?”

As a new viewer an American Thought Leaders YouTube channel, a discovery was made! The content is top-quality. The discussions and interviews are excellent.

Attention Puerto Rico

The Epoch Times

By law, the territory of Puerto Rico can’t accept federal assistance unless their political leaders submit forms worth in the billions of American dollars. Lynne Patton is crisp and clear about the ineptitude of Puerto Rican governance.

She is candid and tearfully displays heartfelt loyalty to her bosses, President Donald J. Trump, and HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson. Lynne Patton is absolutely amazing!

From office assistant to Vice President in the Trump Organization, she has direct inside knowledge about many people.

For a month, HUD Chief Lynne Patton lived in housing units and visited many facilities. She is making a huge difference in the inner cities and rural communities of America. They trust her.

Listen to the presentation. She is a powerful woman.

American Thought Leaders is produced by The Epoch Times, an important news syndicate with an amazing history. Their coverage of news spans the globe.

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