Presidential Election 2020: Trump vs. Biden

The Choice 2020: Trump vs. Biden (full film) | FRONTLINE • Sep. 22, 2020

The Best among the Caustic Presentations Swaying the Election towards Biden

Joe Biden is a slick politician who spent decades in government. He did nothing positively significant to improve America over a span of 42 years. His family not ingenuously made tens of millions of dollars in corrupt business dealings.

To be fair, Trump was no angel but don’t pile it on him alone.

Civic Unrest and Rioting began before BLM and Antigua

The Occupy movement began as a progressive socio-political movement that expressed opposition to social and economic inequality. It wanted to advance social change and promote economic justice. The first Occupy protest was Occupy Wall Street in New York City’s Zuccotti Park. It began as a peaceful movement but soon resorted to violence and property damage spreading to cities throughout the world.

The Occupy movement was not challenged by the Obama Administration.

Vice President Joe Biden struck a sympathetic tone when asked about the Occupy Wall Street protests at The Atlantic’s Washington Ideas Forum.

If we focus on environmentally conscious Occupiers, they camped in parks dumping trash and toxic waste in their nasty settlements. In fact, they competed against the homeless who really needed our help.

Hunter Biden Report: Biden in a Lie

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) weighs in on the GOP report on Hunter Biden’s financial ties in Europe and China.

The Democrats and Mainstream News Failed to Impeach Trump after many stupid attempts


  1. Why didn’t PBS mention Biden’s braggadocious comments about getting Ukrainian Prosecutor Fired?
    Joe Biden Brags about getting Ukrainian Prosecutor Fired
  2. Why didn’t PBS mention several Trump exonerations calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump long before the infamous call with the president of Ukraine had even happened?

Trump’s opponents have a habit of covering up their own shortcomings with false accusations against their political opponents. That tendency doomed impeachment — and is undermining the democratic process.

At the time, half the country agreed that Trump had “clearly” committed impeachable offenses. Meanwhile, the other half the country did not share the Democrats’ character judgment. Indeed, they were rapidly becoming convinced of the opposite. | National Review – February 7, 2020 | Why Impeachment Failed

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