Watch “Lou Dobbs Tonight” 4/14/19

Lou Dobbs Celebrates a Victory Night

[Video on YouTube removed by Fox News]

Lou Dobbs on Fox Business cheered last night as President Trump can tally more accomplishments “like no other president in modern history.”

President Trump is enjoying tremendous success and setting up for a 2020 landslide victory. The establishment has no choice but to follow their courageous flag-bearer, an outsider of the Republican party.

Watch the video to celebrate while Mr. Dobbs recognizes in all its glory the success and accomplishments of our POTUS.

America’s Standing in the World is now Flushed with Respect

While the world economy is slipping into recession, America keeps gushing beautiful records on many fronts in prosperity. The middle class is re-emerging. Unions are blinking at the field of Democrats running for president.

The people that are into politics, the people who like sideshows, they’re into that,” he said, citing the debates over reparations for slavery and immigration as examples.
“The masses just want to feed their families.”
Unions urge Democrats to focus on kitchen table economics

Eye-Opening Segment with organized Migrant Border Invasion

At the 28-minute mark in the video, it’s shocking to find new and faster ways for thousands to “legally” cross the border. About 96% of those arrested are not from Mexico. Many children are accompanied by adults and they are not related. Arriving at the border by bus, they cross underneath a broken fence, get in line, and wait to be apprehended knowing that they may get released due to overcrowding.

  • Can anyone believe that a wall will not slow down the invasion?
  • Sadly, the Mexican government is doing more to slow the caravans than the Democratic Party.

Final Segment: Colleges must support Free Speech to receive Federal Funding

Colleges are not only marginalizing students but penalizing them. Their antics violate the first amendment. Clearly, students’ rights should be protected. There should be consequences for such outrageous behavior.

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