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Bold and Courageous Alex Jones – InfoWars

by Miguel Hidalgo, Cosmic Matters TV

Surrounded by monotonous classical thinkers, Alex Jones creates mindful extensions born from the legacy of Andrew Breitbart. With an open-minded approach, Alex Jones of InfoWars overrides chaotic perspectives emerging around the world which originated from a possessed President Donald J. Trump.

A few days ago, President Trump deftly signed a big-league omnibus bill. At 1.3 trillion, he went against the will of his constituents, but settled to bolster a decaying military. Without a strong military, the citizens of America could no longer continue to “live the dream.” Without borders, language and culture, as defined by the prophet Dr. Michael Savage, we do not have a country. We do not get to enjoy a special privileges not afforded to those living in other countries. Our children could not continue to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

What is an omnibus bill?

Although progressive liberals celebrated their short-sighted victory, President Trump publicly scorned many of the provisions in the omnibus bill. He made a staunch declaration not to to do it again. He pressed Congress to fulfill their duties without resorting to blindly playing “dumb and dumber” politics. He renews call to end the filibuster.

Many conservative pundits jumped in as expected. Dimwits Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter jumped up and down like squirrels on crack to gain notoriety with their pithy garbled logic. They lined up behind the establishment and deep-state mental midgets and flipped the blame for passage of the omnibus bill on the wrong man.

When Congress expeditiously passed it, they had less than one day to read it, just like failed Obamacare. Repeating the same mistakes, not learning their lessons and protecting their sanctity of proudly wearing dunce caps, and not thinking twice about it, they passed the target to the auspices of the executive branch.

Schumer said, “It’s a funny thing. In a certain sense, we’re able to accomplish more in the minority than we were when we had the presidency or even were in the majority.”

That’s right Chuckie. You ruined the inner cities and destroyed our public schools. You and your pals wasted in the billions of dollars in socialist programs that failed miserably. Chuckie and Auntie Pelosi should reverse their childish posturing. They should support the President in a campaign to bolster his good graces in future challenges. They are missing a golden opportunity finding solutions to solve the plight of our inner cities, improve our education system, stop the drug epidemic and get the homeless off the streets.

It’s another Conspiracy Theory!

No, it’s not another conspiracy theory. No, it’s not a communist, socialist or capitalist plot to take over the world.

In the United States, it’s not a democrat or republican extravaganza disheveling neighbors in lopsided “my way or the highway”  diatribe designed to rudely antagonize or obliterate the other side.

No, this is not a convoluted effort to watch Fox News.

It’s a lighthearted effort to open your mind to all perspectives and judge for yourself.

To keep this argument succinct, there are fifty shades of gray. We should be able discern our own politics which range from an extremely liberal to an extremely conservative agenda covering a wide variety of topics – and we shift our politics as we get older. For example, if an elderly person, or anyone else, is suffering from chronic pain, medical marijuana should be a viable option.

Main Stream Media is Fake News

Andrew Breitbart was murdered by the establishment. The same group of degenerates that murdered Seth Rich. Yet, the fake media prefers to cover salacious stories about Bill Clinton, Kim Kardashian and prostitutes. These stories belong in the Huffington Post, Comedy Central or Saturday Night Live. But, they show up as decrepit news in the no-longer respectable New York Times and Washington Post.

There are news stories that are far more notorious than the wildest productions from Hollywood, and yet, they fail to report them. What a disappointment.

Well ladies and gentlemen, we are about to find out what is truly happening in our world. There is a fresh crop of news stories being written by amateurs and talented professionals from around the world. Technology is permitting us to translate information in our own respective languages. We are publishing in global proportions on the Internet. All of it is being widely distributed for public consumption. Hopefully, search engines will displace bloated Google and less weight granted to traditional information sources.

In the United States, there is a double standard in our civil and criminal system. Politicians and celebrities receive different “standards of care.” This is about to change. Many people who we trusted and believed throughout their tenure have taken advantage of our free society. “Deliverance” has arrived.

The Human Condition in a much larger Dimension

Today, it is unbelievable to concede a position about what is happening before our very eyes. President Trump is opening a new wave of our existence in new proportions in human evolutionary development and peak performance. President Trump entered the White House as a powerful businessman. In fact, he is a billionaire, not an easy feat by any stretch of the imagination. He has been able to survive with major accomplishments against many failures. He can easily claim victory.

Against the odds, he has succeeded in doing more in the first 24 months of his term than any previous President. Absolutely amazing. Once again, he can easily proclaim victory.

Keep an Open Mind. Opine with Constructive Thought

Here is the challenge. Keep an open mind, relax and watch this video by Alex Jones. Not the free-flowing genius of Andrew Breitbart, but he does know where to look. He keeps an open approach to world events. With concentration, he manages to reach another dimension of genius should he continue to persevere. Alex Jones relates to greater dimensions in human evolutionary development and peak performance that few people comprehend. Watch closely.

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