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Attention Amateurs -

Submit Your Video to be displayed in Your PiC Zone on this blog.

Anyone who posts on this social media platform is responsible for their own content.

Submit an amateur video for consideration to Cosmic Matters TV.  Worldly perspectives for global audiences are strongly encouraged.

Suggestion: Include advertisements and promotions into your videos. 

An active Gold Membership (annual) is required in addition to $4.96 per video submission.

All videos are permanently removed upon expiration of an active Gold Membership (annual).

All submitted videos are reviewed before they are published. After a series of successful videos are submitted, approval is quick.

All videos must be suitable for viewing by children in all countries.

Do not submit a video that was published elsewhere. Your video must be an original and home-made.

Discretion is strongly advised because all sales are final, even if your video is rejected.

The following rules are strictly enforced. If your video is rejected, your membership is subject to immediate termination without warning.

  • English or English subtitles.
  • No nudity or pornography.
  • No culturally insensitive or disrespectful content.
  • No violent images.
  • No offensive language.
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