Come On Man! Why are you ditching California?

CALIFORNIA INSIDER – THE EPOCH TIMES February 19, 2020. Californians can no longer afford to live in the Golden State.

How Many of You are Leaving California?

Joel Kotkin is the R.C. Hobbs Presidential Fellow in Urban Futures at Chapman University in Orange County. He is also the executive director of the Houston-based Center for Opportunity Urbanism. The discussion is about why so many people are fleeing California.

There are many reasons why Californians are fleeing the state. Worse, the number of Republicans in elected government positions have dwindled to dire levels that used to represent the interests of those leaving California. Many Republicans have left California making it even more difficult to make balance Sacramento with more countervailing involvement.

Governor Gavin Newsome has broad authority to rip the state apart even further. They brag that California would be the 5th or 6th largest economy in the world on its own. Yet, it is also the state housing the biggest population of homeless in the country. Poverty levels keep rising with no end in sight.

It’s a wonder that the enlightened citizens in San Francisco do not get their homeless off the streets. It’s diabolical that foolhardy Senator Nancy Pelosi (California) spends the bulk of her spendthrift time on ridiculous issues but refuses to clean up her own back yard. Since the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump, California has continuously been at war attacking Trump, a very successful president.

We must rebuild the middle-class in California

Joel Kotkin is a lifelong Democrat but his views are refreshing!

Californians know that if they are generating enough income to live in a middle-class home, it’s going to be expensive compared to moving into a luxurious estate for the same price out-of-state. While viewing the video presentation, it was a shock to realize that new housing, apartments, and construction are geared to accommodating people who generate enough wages to afford them. Watch both presentations!

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