Steve Bannon predicts Trump impeachment fallout, Fox News Exclusive

Steve Bannon – War Room

Steve Bannon - War Room
Steve Bannon – War Room (Facebook)

Former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon goes one-on-one with Maria Bartiromo to talk Republican resistance to House Democrats’ impeachment push, and who he thinks should testify in the public inquiry.

President Trump is rooting out corruption. The establishment and deep state (bureaucracy) want him out because he is bucking the way American politics has been doing it for decades.

Try to imagine how entry-level politicians able to eke out an existence in the Washington D.C. swamp emerge as millionaires while trouncing on the rights and privileges of the middle class with their hypocritical privileged society.

Thank you, Steve Bannon

04NOV2019. 2 hours ago, YouTube comment.

I hope Steve reads this. Dear Steve, I didn’t know who you were when you and your wife came on the national radar working for the Trump White House, but the mass media totally smeared you. As I watch more and more of the two of you in interviews like this, (Candice Owen’s, etc) I just want you both to know that you are both really a class act. You are intelligent, you understand the issues, and you are able to communicate them well and accurately. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your patience and commitment through the last several years of horse manure being piled on you by the press. Thank you!

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