Trumpsters Will Not Wait to Witness Criminal Investigations

Commentary by Mr. Bill Still

Lock them Up!

We should not have to wait for “cosmic justice.” In fact, Trumpsters will not wait to witness Criminal Investigations! Thank God we’ve got a few courageous men like Joe diGenova, Herman Cain and Sean Hannity from Fox News.

Revenge is sweet. According to Dan Bongino, he does not believe equal justice will fall upon our elite political leadership during criminal investigations.

Yes, history eventually tells the real tail.
Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump

Trumpsters have fallen in love with Mr. Bongino, but we are not going to take it anymore. We’ll say it again, Trumpsters will not wait to witness Criminal Investigations!

Joe diGenova boldly describes the Mueller investigation as unconstitutional. “Rosenstein is a gutless duplicitous failure of an attorney general. The new attorney general should fire Rosenstein ASAP.”

Joe, you should be the next Attorney General! Why not?
Joe diGenova, Herman Cain, Sean Hannity - Fox News

Fortunately, growing frustration is finally turning into anger by populists. Resentment is simmering and spreading across America to take matters into our own hands by compelling our local politicians and the lame-stream media to accurately report the news.

It’s time for all these corrupt bastards to be water boarded for the truth and sent to Gitmo. Attacks on the President are attacks on us, the people. Soon, if the new AG doesn’t do anything, we the people will. They are NOT getting away with this. Accountability is a must, to clean up the swamp and deter such corruption from occurring. My goodness, trying to throw elections, impeach a hard working President, and undermine our democracy is treasonous behavior. If our government doesn’t do anything, we the people will. Enough is enough. Excerpt from Timmer, Bill Still, YouTube Channel.

The Mueller investigation with Rosenstein may be a failure, but who paid for it?

The American taxpayer paid for it! DUH! Mueller probe spending tops $17 million

Rosenstein has no shame. He was installed as part of a coup and yet he is still there. Face the facts. Trump has been compromised and yet he has accomplished more than any of the President of the United States. The coastal elites, the establishment and deep-state entrenched bureaucrats must be replaced with America-comes-first PATRIOTS! Their global aspirations are being replaced by a refreshing dose of nationalism. Sadly, Justice Roberts decided to jump in where his authority does not hold any respect or dignify the highest court in the land. They must be held to account for their gross misdeeds.

The narcissistic Globalist are Losers. Stick with the Winners!

Read more: Fox News, Joe diGenova: Walls closing in on Obama DOJ officials (long overdue, we needed an update!)

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