Marching Orders: Take the midterm election seriously. Get involved. VOTE!

Join a cause! Get Active for the next 60 days!

Campaigns need you. Your local county GOP needs you.

Former White House strategist Steve Bannon says the 2018 midterms
are essentially President Trump’s first re-election on ‘Hannity.’

Many pro-Trump groups across America need you. Contact your local pro-Trump organizations. Get involved!

A major battleground in the midterm election for many congressional districts is California. Help POTUS emerge victorious as we nudge the polls to reflect our growing majority in California.

The Democratic and Republican Party are moving away establishment and deep-state politics. Worse, the ‘lefties’ are turning harder to push extreme agendas that should not reflect the majority of Democrats. America comes first!

Social Democrats want to increase taxes. They want to spend more money on others rather than you. Does that make any sense?

Find out more here: West Walker, Take Back California

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