The End of an Era for the Globalist War Establishment

The McCain Funeral Marked the End of an Era for the Globalist War Party

This is a great article, composed by Virgil.

There are common historical perspectives between a cast of characters representing the deep-state globalist war establishment and the filthy-rich family dynasties of the world representing the globalist establishment.

Let’s not forget to include the tokens and water-boys who clung to power by following orders – Obama and Kissinger. Can you pick them out of the crowd in the video?

Perhaps the most revealing moment in the week-long media extravaganza over John McCain’s death came on September 1, when Meghan McCain, daughter of the late senator, chose to use her “eulogy” to rip into Donald Trump.

As an added bonus, here is an except from someone who knew Meghan McCain:

Meghan McCain and I both went to high school in Phoenix. Arizona. She went to a public high school and I went to Scottsdale Christian Academy. Meghan McCain was very mean to people and didn’t have a great reputation. She felt like she was entitled since she was a McCain. Her eulogy today was disrespectful to everyone as far as I am concerned in Arizona as well as towards her father. Today was supposed to be about her dad and their special relationship. She made it about politics and hate towards President Trump. The days of the hateful as well as spiteful rhinos are over in Arizona. Its time for victory with almighty God, heroic President Trump and being Deplorables. — Tiffany Sharp

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