How the Republican Party went from Lincoln to Trump

by Miguel Hidalgo

The Republican party hasn’t changed that much. It has always been for freedom.

Take a look at how the political parties in the United States developed. Today, the Republican Party has grown roots in the north and the south.

Lincoln, T. Roosevelt, Reagan and Trump are among the greatest presidents of all time. Go back further. Jefferson, Jackson and Madison are right up there too.

Republicans hated slavery! Democrats loved it.

Today the Democrats lost their way. They want to give priority to illegal immigration and wasteful spending on causes that are dividing the interests of their own constituents.

Among many challenges facing us today, here are a couple issues that must be fixed today:

  1. Drastically revitalize the inner cities.
  2. Drastically improve the public education system.

President Trump is leading the Republican Party. He is opening fresh opportunities for everyone!

America Comes First!

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